Back Home Again

I am now back home in Indiana and back on the air at WIBN.

The station in Illinois was doing really well, but the owner who won’t listen to anyone but the least knowledgeable person in his employ decided to lease it to a news talk. This was to continue to finance another station he has that sounds terrible.

The bad side: We had no warning and were all let go. No severance pay and the owner didn’t even have the class to come and tell us himself.

The good side: I was taken back full time at WIBN, where I had been doing mornings before the other job came calling. I now am doing afternoon drive. It feels great to be home and to be back on the 25,000 watt oldies station. I love the music and the listeners.


This is the second really bad experience I have had in radio in the last twenty years. Like the last one, I had to try it. I will admit I was homesick anyway and the enthusiasm had waned with all the stupidity within Smash Hit Media. My old listeners welcomed me back to WIBN warmly and I am so happy to be home every night.

My heart goes out to Maggie, who did afternoon drive at the other station. She is right out of college and radio is all she wants to do, and her first gig turned into a nightmare. I am happy though that she was able to learn from me all those months and not some of the other clueless people there. At least she has a good grasp on production and such. She will land on her feet I am sure as she improved a lot while there and I think she will be a star one day.

I asked my wife right after we got the news about the other stations demise, “Why is it that the thing I love to do the most is the thing that causes me the most grief?”


I really considered giving it up, but these guys brought me right back within a couple days and I came right back and felt like I never left.

I of course was not the only person to get let go. In addition to Maggie and myself, another radio veteran got the axe from their other station all because he couldn’t agree with the stupid decisions being made.

The really weird thing about all this is that the owner went out and sought us all out for our knowledge and experience and then let this mediocre sales person that’s been with him for four years make all the decisions. As a result, the whole radio group is collapsing. Makes no sense.

Like I said though, i am happy to be home and very happy to be back at WIBN. I missed this place for sure!



The Story of Television – 1956 RCA Educational Documentary

The Radio Corporation of America (RCA) traces scientific advances related the development of television from the 1920’s to 1950’s, including the introduction of color broadcasts. The film includes technical examples of how televisions work, and notable broadcasts from TV’s early days.

The film is very much a showpiece for advances made by RCA, glossing over or omitting details of competing television standards from other manufacturers.


Time Travel & Stargate Portals – Shocking Documentary

Interesting documentary on time travel. I have always been interested in time travel and believe it has been achieved.





This field recorder should arrive today. I hope it will enable us to record client commercials on their site and make possible some interviews.


Mysterious floating city appears in the sky over China

Just some weird anomaly? This is strange.


58 TV Commercials from 1977

I remember pretty much all of these. I really like the TV previews. Memories of a better time.


History of Radio Broadcasting "Hear and Now" 1958 National Association of Broadcasters


Interesting little video.