PC Repair

We offer a variety of PC repair services. Use our contact form to ask us a question.

Desktop PC Repair

We can diagnose your problem and offer the best solution. We won’t make you pay for repairs you don’t need. If you’re in our area, you can drop your PC off for an evaluation. If you’re within ten miles we will come pick it up.

Virus and Malware Removal

No Computer is immune to viruses and malware. Most times a virus or malware can infect your machine before you even realize what’s happening. It’s not your fault and there is no need to panic. Even if your PC becomes unusable, chances are we can fix it.

Hardware Installation

Need a hard drive, DVD burner, sound card, video card or any other piece of hardware installed? Let us do it for you. Contact us first and we will help you select the hardware you need, you purchase it wherever you like and we will install it.

New PC Construction

Need a new computer? Like to have a custom made PC rather than a massed produced one? You might be surprised how cheaply one can be assembled for you.