My how times have changed.

I can remember as a youngster, looking at ads for shortwave receivers and wishing I had the money to buy this receiver or that.

I have purchased many receivers in my adult life. Yaesu, Icom, Drake, Sony, Realistic, Kenwood just to name a few.

Now though, you can listen without even owning a radio or putting up your own antennas. Thanks to software defined radio. There are websites with lists of receivers from around the world connected to the internet that you can tune and enjoy!

You can even buy your own software defined radio for as little as $20.

profile_site2 s-l225 (1)
s-l225 s-l500

They cover 100Khz to 1.7Ghz. AM FM USB LSB CW WFM and more.

The software to operate the tuners is free and there are different ones to choose from.



If you don’t want to buy your own, use someone else’s!

You can check out over 100 receivers here –

sdr has several more.


Hours of fun, with no expense!

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