October 25th 1969–Party Recording


Another moment in time captured.

As mentioned in my description, this is a tape made probably in the late `60`s of some young people. ………..well as an update, I played this recording again the other day, and as usually happens on these old recordings where someone invariably mentions the date on the tape as to when it was made, I found out it was recorded on October 25th 1969. .I described them as teenagers, but they might be in their twenties….in fact they sound like they may have even come from the sit-com "That Seventies Show". at a party, it may even be somewhere in New York or New Jersey as I bought this recording from an Ebay seller in New York. Anybody that was at that party that night that recognizes the peoples names or the voices that are mentioned on the tape, they`ll probably be embarrassed to hear themselves now!!! They`re obviously a little drunk and maybe even stoned….but who cares, they sound hilarious. Hope you enjoy the insanity.

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